I’m Amy, a UK born and Australian living 30-something and my passion is creation. In truth, I can spend hours at my bench, dreaming up new ideas, experimenting and trialling until I get the desired outcome. 


My jewellery is made using the lost wax casting technique. Unlike other production methods, wax allows me ultimate flexibility for sculptural design. The very nature of wax enables the true organic aesthetic I live for to come to life. Each and every piece can be traced back to English and Australian terrain, foliage and barks.


My designs are rarely crafted to specification drawings and never truly have an endpoint. Where I get my real buzz, is in the process of creation itself. Where each step leads to the next iteration of the work. With each bend, melt, mistake and success every piece I craft is both my imagination and reality combined. 


For me, the notion of wearing art and adorning a sculptural jewel is the essence of why I do what I do. Jewellery is not only an extension of our expression but, when worn, is an extension of our literal bodies. From earrings that slip through earlobes to the rings that adorn our fingers. 


I believe AMBRY jewellery makes the wearer feel bold, evokes confidence and inspires positivity. Whether it’s bringing out your inner ‘bad bitch’ or seeking the quiet confidence to speak your mind I consider my jewellery a conscious effort to empower the wearer.

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